Art Not Art: Established In 2016

... but I didn't focus on web design.

Hi, I'm Aidan. In 2016, I started Art Not Art with the dream of forming a collective of artists working together to produce and showcase music, art, poetry and literature.

We ran a few successful shows, had a small-time podcast, a pretty snazzy website, and produced a couple of music videos.

I put the project on hold to study BA Philosophy at the University of Warwick - and cofound a couple of student startups.

But I always loved the Art Not Art brand, so in January 2020, I decided it should be reborn... but as a means of offering digital services.

I love solving challenging puzzles that help people lead better lives.

Since graduating, I've worked for several charities and non-profits in order to drive social impact. Helping people live better lives is what makes me tick.

I have an extensive knowledge of the digital space. I've helped national brands achieve large, highly engaged audiences by developing every step of their digital strategy; from social media to web design.

Book a call with me if you think we'd be a good fit to work together.