Working With Luke Rollason

A W.I.P. case study with a very fun client.

Luke is a physical comedian, scriptwriter, and professional clown. He’s produced smash-hit comedy such as Planet Earth III, Infinite Content and more, having won numerous awards and performing to sell-out crowds.

We first worked together when his comedy partner Christian reached out to Art Not Art, asking us to produce a 20-page pitch document for an exciting new kids comedy show.

To the right, you’ll see an image of Luke, alongside two illustrations we produced as concept images for the still-secret-kids’-show branding.


Produce a visual identity and website for Luke that captures his personality, work and helps him book shows.

We started by chatting with Luke about his  goals - and concluded that he needed a site that would a) give his fans more insight into his shows, b) impress producers and bookers, and c) capture his fun, zany spirit.

We compiled spreadsheets of other comedians’ websites in order to get a feel for what we liked, what we didn’t like, and to get a good understanding of what information we needed to include.

Then, after collecting content from Luke (posters for shows, press shots, etcetera) we started getting to work on the first design concepts.


We decided to play on the orange turtleneck he wore in his most recent press shots for upcoming show This Too Shall Pass, utilising it as his signature colour.


In one of his shows, he uses googly-eyes as a prop, so we thought it would be fun to recreate this visual anchor on the contact page, making the pupils following the cursor.


During lockdown, Luke started producing more video content. We decided that the site should focus on giving visitors the opportunity to engage with his content.



To see how the project progresses!